Meet Red Head Randy Cast Member

"Meredith O'connor"

Tell us a little a bit about yourself.

Well as a musician i like to impress upon my fans that bullying can kill through music. After recording a demo with some money i made acting i was lucky enough to grab the attention by a producer at threshold a record production company. My goal in my own quest of self discovery is to keep working on films and progress in my music career, in the hopes that my anti bullying platform will make a difference. I hope people check out my facebook page "meredith o'connor" and youtube channel "meredithter" to find out more about the soon to be released EP. I also hope it is listened to a large number of people :)

What would you say to kids who are being bullied"?

Ignore the labels. I know when they treat you like a lower form of life you feel like one but try to summon enough energy to prove them wrong. The goal is in that quest you learn your self worth and the bologna behind labels

Why should people support the film "Red Head Randy"?

People should support red head randy because its a movie that kids can relate to, even the actirs in it. Even myself. I'm just now entering the full time working world with my music but i remember being bullied like a perminant scar. This film will hit home with so many viewers, and maby even save a life.

The "Red Head Randy" Movie Trailer´╗┐ Premiere & Anti-Bully Event on September 15 at 6:00pm @ Indoor Extreme Sports in Long Island City, NY