"This is not your G-rated "Afterschool Special." Horror flick for teens addresses bullying and solutions of love and respect." - Newsday

Red Head Randy is one of the most unique anti-bully films ever made. It teaches lessons about the importance of not bullying in a scary way. read more
The Red Head Randy Stand Up to Bullying Tour is a series of fun events for kids to make friends while learning the importance of not bullying. read more
Check out behind the scene photos & videos from the film, interviews from The Red Head Randy Stand Up To Bullying Tour and more! read more

"Red Head Randy" was created by director/actor Raymond Deane and producer Phill Hammond to help put an end to teen suicide. We are campaigning against all forms of bullying including cyber bullying, discrimination bullying and homophobic bullying. Lets stand up for the LGBT students across the world!

"My goal is to teach kids that you should never mistake an opinion as a fact. Don't let the opinions of others bring you down or stop you from seeing how amazing you are! Opinions Don't Define You. That's a Fact!" - Raymond Deane, Director, Actor, Producer

Feature film "Red Head Randy" - Anti-bully horror film
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